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U-Gas, Inc. and Dirt Cheap, Inc. are locally owned & operated Convenience Store retailers serving St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas. We proudly offer our guests a "Fast & Friendly, Fresh & Fun" experience and are celebrated as the industry leader for excellence in customer service.
Founded in 1977 by Paul Taylor, U-Gas, Dirt Cheap and associated companies including; HUB/LPC, GiGi’s Commissary and GiGi’s Café, have continually distinguished themselves from the competition by being an exceptional

employer, offering benefits that can’t be beat, as well as remaining deeply passionate about creating a culture of "FUN", in which customers & team members are truly valued and appreciated.
Whether you’re looking for an exciting opportunity to shape your career or a terrific job close to home; U-Gas, Dirt Cheap and associated companies, offer a family oriented atmosphere with endless, exciting employment possibilities!
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