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Trinity Services Group is a leading provider of outsourced food and commissary services to inmates at over 900 correctional facilities across 40+ states (plus Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands). By utilizing our procurement, distribution and human resource expertise, we deliver high quality, low cost meals and commissary services to a wide range of correctional facilities. Our innovative approach ensures a safe operating environment and dietary compliance while helping to relieve budgetary pressure on governments and municipalities.

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As a standalone business with the backing of H.I.G. Capital, Trinity is well equipped to serve as the preeminent player in the corrections food service industry. With opportunities available in over 900 different locations nationwide, we are always looking for excited, passionate people to become a part of our team. We recognize that “good people” make the difference and are the key to our success. That is why we treat our team members with respect, honesty and understanding. Our ultimate goal is to provide Exciting Careers for Amazing Talent!

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