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Ridleys Family Market
Ridleys Family Market
Bakery Staff
Full Time
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March 18, 2018
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310 Onieda Street, Ridleys Family Market #8447
Rupert, ID, 83350, US
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Bakery Staff
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A baker's primary role is to meet the day's production goals for baked goods, preparing the doughs, letting them rise, shaping them, proofing them, and finally baking and cooling them. Preparing cake, muffin and cupcake batters into appropriate pans, using a scale or scoops of a known size to ensure consistency and portion control. Preparing cookies measure dough onto sheets using standardized scoops, or press softer doughs through a piping bag or cookie press.

A baker's production duties alternate with prep and cleaning duties. They must understand food safety and sanitation, have an eye for detail, be very productive and be able to multi-task an all areas of the bakery department including prep, baking, packaging, and selling.

The hours for Baker are typical early morining hours.