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The Quillin Quality tradition started in a single store in LaCrosse, WI in 1949 with founders Ed and Greta Quillin. Since then, we have grown to meet the needs of our customers with locations in LaCrosse, WI; LaCrescent and Caledonia, MN; Lansing, Waukon, Decorah, West Union, Postville and Monona, IA. Built on family values, our stores remain family owned by Tim and Mike Quillin, 3rd generation descendants of Ed and Greta. In over 65 years of service we have strived to offer quality products and services on an everyday basis. Our customers are our friends and neighbors. We believe in being an integral part of the communities we are privileged to be in. In giving to local schools, food pantries, community festivals and events, we are proud to be your community grocer.
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