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Pomodoro’s has been continuously serving the Mooresville community since 1991. Originally called “La Pizza”, it’s current name was acquired several years later. In 2007 Pomodoro’s was acquired by Blake Dewey. With business increasing, and the desire to offer his guests an improved dining experience, Dewey acquired a new location. In the spring of 2010 Pomodoro’s moved from its original location of 15 years to the current Mooresville location. The move allowed for easier access and convenient parking for a Pomodoro’s twice the size of the original. Interior designers were consulted to ensure that guests would enjoy a comfortable, delicious meal in an airy dining room with fresh Tuscan colors.
A fireplace invites guests to curl up in comfy club chairs and sip a great Italian wine, while they check out the internet, read a book or chat with friends. The patio seats up to 20 guests under red umbrellas and Italian flags. The “Family Room” offers a space for up to 8 guests to enjoy a meal and conversation in their own cozy dining room. The “Party Room” can privately host groups of up to 40 guests. The bar was covered with tiles imported from Italy and thickly padded bar stools were covered in sleek black leather. And, of course, the atmosphere is completed with music from all the greats of the “Rat Pack” era. No wonder Pomodoro’s, even after 20 years, continues to be the favorite Italian American Restaurant in the Lake Norman / Mooresville area.
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