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Our history began in 1979 when Dan Willie moved his family to the area and together with a former partner invested in a small 2-bay Mobile service station with a separate snack bar. This location today is known as Travelers' Oasis Truck Plaza. Other service stations followed in Twin Falls and Ketchum beginning in 1980 and have evolved into today's convenience stores. Travelers’ Oasis features a full service restaurant, food court with three brands, convenience store and gift shop, and driver lounge facilities. Flags West Truck Stop was purchased in 1988 and features a full service restaurant, convenience store and gift shop, and motel. Oasis Stop 'N Go operates 24 Chevron and Shell branded conveniences stores in nine Southern Idaho communities. Oasis Stop ‘N Go has officially been around since July 1995.

Canyon Crest Dining and Event Center was opened in early 2009 at a beautiful setting on the canyon rim with a spectacular panoramic view of the canyon and Perrine Bridge. Canyon Crest features contemporary American cuisine and has a 22,000 square foot event center for meetings, trade shows, special events and weddings.

Decades have been spent building our reputation and we are proud to have the support of team members that have grown with us, several for 30+ years now. Our growth would not have been possible without this tremendous dedication. Together these entities employ more than 400 people.

We pride ourselves on being a local organization that gives back generously to the communities we operate in. Apply Today!

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