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J&A Foods
General Utility/DMO
J&A Foods
General Utility/DMO
Part Time
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Date posted:
August 12, 2015
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202 Hemstead, J&A View 202 #55
Redding, CA, 96002, US
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General Utility/DMO
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Primary Responsibilities: Maintains kitchen work areas, equipment, plateware and utensils in a clean, sanitary and orderly condition. Assists in food preparation procedures.

Specific Functions and Duties:

  1. Scrapes and pre-rinses food from dirty dishes and places them in dishwashing machine.
  2. Washes pots, pans, and trays by hand and/or machine.
  3. Completes all assigned prep work.
  4. Removes trash and garbage to dumpster area.
  5. Washes work area tables, walls, refrigerator equipment, cooking equipment and floors.
  6. Cleans garbage cans and trash receptacles.
  7. Assembles, maintains and breaks down dish machine

Qualification Standards:

  1. Able to place plates, utensils, pans and cases on high and low shelves.
  2. Capable of using knives, slicing equipment and other food preparation equipment.
  3. Good personal hygiene required.
  4. Works both indoors and outdoors.
  5. Works frequently in a hot damp environment.
  6. Must possess and/or obtain a valid Food Handlers Card prior to employment.
  7. Must be at least 16 years of age.

Physical Requirements:

  1. Must be able to stand and exert a well-paced mobility for periods up to four hours in length.
  2. Must be able to speak clearly and listen attentively to managers and other staff members.
  3. Transports and carries objects up to 50 pounds on a regular basis.
  4. Able to respond in emergency situations to avoid imminent dangers to self and others.


1. Hourly pay rate is dependant on experience

2. Merit increases based upon performance

3. Semi-annual performance evaluations