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Holmes Oil Co
Store Manager
Holmes Oil Co
Store Manager
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August 31, 2017
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100 Europa Ctr., Suite 550, Holmes Oil Location Corporate
Chapel Hill, NC, 27517, US
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Store Manager
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Position Title:   

Store Manager


Position Objective:

Responsible for the efficient, profitable and safe operation of facility and successfully supervise, train and develop store employees in order to consistently deliver an unparallel customer service experience.   


Position Reporting Structure:

Position reports directly to District Manger

Position interfaces with: Director of Operations, Chief Operating Officer, Director of IT, Director of Fuels Marketing, Payroll and Benefits Administrator


Key Performance Areas



  1. Meet monthly and annual sales objectives: fuel and merchandise
  2. Operate district within monthly controllable expense guidelines and delivers targeted GP$/Labor$
  3. Operate within monthly shrink guidelines: product, fuel and cash


  1. Daily Report: submit in a timely, accurate, and organized; deposit to the bank before 2pm
  2. Record Keeping: maintain accurate records for all store related operations in a safe and secure place as per company policy (* Payroll, * Fuel,  * Safety,  * Accidents,  * Environmental,  * Lottery)
  3. Price Changes: make all fuel and merchandise price changes in a timely and accurate manner as per company policy
  4. Safety: ensure full compliance of company and OSHA workplace safety standards, including food service
    Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO): ensure full compliance as per federal law and company guidelines
  5. Restricted Sales: ensure full compliance of company, local, state, and FDA laws regarding the sale of tobacco & alcohol to minors
  6. Inventory Control: ensure proper merchandise inventory levels to prevent out of stocks; meet customer demand, control shrink within company guidelines
  7. Environmental: ensure full compliance of company, state and Federal environmental laws
  8. Appearance, Retailing, & Merchandising Standards: ensure full compliance of company standards
  9. Programs & Promotions: implement and execute all company programs & promotions as per company policy
  10. Mystery Shopper Program: maintain consistent scores above 92% on BARS and Exxon mystery shops
  11. Equipment & Facility: report all issues, including the building structure, to ensure cost effective operational efficiency


Personal Management

  1. Consistently uses daily planner, shift assignment guides, restroom checklist and other tools provided in order to

          effectively plan and organize work schedule; consistently meets deadlines

  1. Maintains an organized and professional office
  2. Leads by example and sets high standards for all team members in all aspects of the job


Human Capital


  1. Proactively manages the recruiting process rather than from a reactive position when a staffing need arises.
  2. Develops consistent schedule to conduct weekly interviews: Interviews a minimum of one applicant every week or other timing based on District Manager input, regardless of staffing needs and maintains a filing system that indentifies pre-screened “go to” candidates





  1. Maintains the highest standards in employee selection by adhering to company policies on interviewing and utilizes company interview and selection tools


Training & Development:

  1. Provide orientation and on-going OJT in order to provide the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence that enable new hires to achieve their full potential
  2. Responsible for ongoing training and development of team members including the development of assistant managers and future store managers
  3. Consistently and effectively delegates to various team members in an effort to develop future leaders


Employee Engagement:

  1. Responsible for creating a work environment that fosters and builds employee engagement resulting in high performance employees and a strong sense of team
  2. Effectively conducts effective monthly store team meetings
  3. Maintains a fair and consistent work culture that respects all team members
  4. Creates scheduling opportunities to work with all team members in order to build relationships
  5. Strives to become an “employer of choice” by creating a work environment where people want to work



  1. Coaching should include: providing employees with clear direction; establishing clear goals and objectives that include holding employees accountable with positive and negative consequences
  2. Consistently provide on-going coaching to store employees to ensure high levels of productivity and performance
  3. Works with all team members on all shifts in order to provide ongoing development as well as accurately measure their job performance
  4. Provide immediate and continuous job performance feedback that is honest, insightful, and helpful, so employees clearly understand their strengths as well as their weaknesses so that they can work on those areas that require improvement
  5. Conducts monthly feedback session with each employee using company provided tools and forms
  6. Maintains records of feedback sessions and turnover recaps in company provided Team Performance Book
  7. Quickly acknowledge and show appreciation for a job well done, as well as quickly identity non-performers and help them improve.
  8. Quickly and properly execute consequences for non performance which may include termination
  9. Recommends pay rate increases for employees based on consistent performance not length of employment
  10. Quickly identifies low performers and sets goals and works to improve their performance
  11. Quickly and appropriately removes low performers from the team when necessary and refrains from holding on to employees simply to avoid the need to hire


Employee Retention:

  1. Adheres to all of the above Human Capital Components in order to retain the best team members.
  2. Maintains retention log and measures reasons for turnover
  3. Proactively looks for potential signs of turnover and makes efforts to ensure company is retaining high performers
  4. Identities and is able to communicate individual team members shoves and tugs in order to improve retention

Customer Service:

  1. Develop personal relationships with all customers by learning their names, and consistently delivers a fast, friendly, helpful, personal buying experience
  2. Sets the example and expectation that all customers are: 1) greeted immediately upon entering the store; 2) offered assistance; 3) offered additional promotional or tie-in items; 5) thanked for their business
  3. Seek customer input on their buying experience and solicit their ideas on how to improve their buying experience. Share all customer feedback with store employees and help them to understand the actions they should undertake to improve the customer buying experience




Key Competencies:



  1. Coach:



Trains, develops, encourages, challenges, listens first, provides continuous feedback, support and recognition, and establishes trust, in helping

employees achieve their full potential.


  1. Role Model:



Serve as a positive role model through attitude, actions, words, and physical appearance, for employees to emulate and respect, and for customers

to admire.


  1. Communicator:



Effectively communicates upwards and downwards to ensure the goals and objectives of the store are met as per company policy and procedure.

  1. Team Builder:



Creates an inspired team of engaged, high-performance, customer-focused employees that drive store success, in a supportive, caring and

performance-oriented culture.


  1. Emotional Maturity:



Confident, empathetic, control of emotions, understands that accomplishments are achieved through others.


  1. Flexibility:



Able to adjust and refocus when unexpected changes occur, in a positive and productive manner that ensures the success of the store.

  1. Problem Solving:


Able to turn problems into opportunities; quickly identifies potential problems before they arise; does not over react to unanticipated problems,

but rather, thoughtfully thinks through alternative solutions.