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Fun-Plex is the HOTTEST summer job with the COOLEST perks!

Ask any former employee, Fun-Plex isn’t just another job. It is an experience that you will take with you for a lifetime. We take summer seriously, and that means working really hard, learning a lot of new things, meeting new people, and having a ton of fun in the process!

The Perks of the Job

  • FREE Employee Admission
  • Discounts for your friends & family
  • The best employee events… Swim parties, volleyball, mini golf, quiz nights, and more!
  • Grow with us… Opportunities for raises, promotions, and incentives
  • Perfect first job… No experience, no problem, we train for all positions!(including lifeguards)
  • Build your resume… Our highly transferable “on the job” skills will help you prepare for your future professional and personal challenges.

Please know before applying…

  • Fun-Plex pay starts at $9 per hour for most positions. Opportunities to make up to $10 per hour are available for cooks, lifeguards, and bi-lingual staff.
  • All positions at Fun-Plex require that staff are able to work outside in the heat and sun for long periods of time.
  • Weekends are mandatory for all positions. Due to our compact season, those who need extensive time off in the summer should not apply.

Fun-Plex offers more out of a three month job than you will find anywhere else!

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