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Head Start
Every great journey has a beginning. Ours was in 1992 when we opened our doors as a pioneering craft beer bar and restaurant in the historic South Side of Pittsburgh, PA - an area not unlike the Pearl.

Two-Headed Monster
In 2009 we opened the first Fat Head’s Brewpub in North Olmstead, Ohio and began producing our own handcrafted ales and lagers. We crashed the scene gaining notoriety and winning some of the most sought-after awards in the brewing world.

Heading’ Down The Highway
Fueled by the popularity of our beers, Fat Head’s expanded to a full-scale production brewery in 2012 in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. We’re still growing but have remained true to the core values of hard work and pride in craftsmanship.

Westward Hopportunity
Head’s Up Portland, we’re stoked to be here! We hope you enjoy the ride.

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