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You may be wondering how Fricker's came to be. It all started many years ago when Ma Frick gave birth to the bouncy baby boys, known then only as Brothers Frick. Many years passed and the boys decided to give themselves first names to avoid further confusion. And then, there they were out in the real world with only full names to support themselves.
The elder brother, fresh out of college, took a stab at teaching. (We think he was asked to leave, but he's not talking.) After a couple of years, he ended up as a saloon operator in Toledo. How apropos. The younger brother had stars in his eyes since birth. After being fitted for contacts, this problem was solved. He wanted to be near the high seas, the smell of the ocean and the taste of the palm trees (better with ketchup, he discovered) which developed his furor for cooking. To support his habit of cooking, he cut people's lawns for a living (a son every mother would be proud of).
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