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Mayfield DQ
Mayfield DQ
Store Management
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November 1, 2019
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13301 N US 183, Dairy Queen Location #44432
Austin, TX, 78750, US
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Store Management
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You are applying for a job with a franchisee of the Dairy Queen® system and not American Dairy Queen Corporation or International Dairy Queen, Inc.  Franchisees are independent business owners.  The franchisee of this restaurant will be your employer if you are hired and will make all hiring, wage, hour, and other employment-related decisions.



At Mayfield DQ, we have three management position:

  1. General Manager, in total charge of the entire store. Salaried position
  2. Assistant managers, assisting the GM in managing the store. Salaried position
  3. Shift leaders, hourly management persons in charge of shifts

To be in management at any level, you must be able to be in charge or multiple Team members and be ready to direct their activities throughout your shift to accomplish goals set for the shift. This requires a forceful personality that can get the job done but still make work serious but fun with great hospitality to fellow workers and Fans. There can be no off the job fraternization with people you must be in charge of at work; you are at work to accomplish a goal, not to make personal friends. You must have excellent customer service, employee relations skills, exhibit good manners, with a positive attitude and promptness. You must be detail oriented, with the capability to oversee all aspects of the business and multiple areas simultaneously in a fast-paced environment. You must be able to perform under pressure in a high volume restaurant including moving and responding quickly for long periods of time.