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By Design Pizza was created in Portland, Oregon to answer the age old question “why can’t I get a pizza for an affordable price, the way I want it?” At By Design Pizza we let you design your pizza the way you want, for one reasonable price without the extra charges. We use only the highest and freshest quality ingredients like 100% whole milk Mozzarella, Virgin Olive oil imported from Italy, dough made fresh daily in the store and fresh vegetables cut daily, just to name a few.
At By Design Pizza we strive for the highest quality guest service, food & environment. Our restaurants are designed with reclaimed woods to feel warm and cozy. Our contemporary restaurant is focused on helping minimize our ecological foot print through recycling at all levels. Our team members will help our guests create their own individual portrait pizza masterpiece, family masterpiece or we can deliver to your home or office. Whatever the occasion, By Design Pizza can help you make it special. So “Come Make It with US!”
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