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Adventure Lands of America Inc
Local Seasonal Worker
Adventure Lands of America Inc
Local Seasonal Worker
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December 30, 2014
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305 34th Avenue NW, Adventureland Location #2
Altoona, IA, 50009, US
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The Adventureland Experience - Mixing FUN with Work!

As an employee of Adventureland, you will become an integral part of Iowa's top vacation destination. You'll spend your summer having FUN while working with nearly 1000 individuals.
Adventureland Amusement Park is just East of Des Moines, right off of Interstate 80 Exit 142. Our guests enjoy over 100 rides, shows, and attractions, in addition to our water park Adventure Bay.
Employee benefits include free park admission on select days, area business discounts and numerous fun activities.

General Information

Thank you for considering Adventureland Park for your summer job. We would like you to take a few moments of your time to read some general information that you should be aware of before filling out the application packet. Please take the time to read this information!

All positions will be seasonal in nature. When the park closes in September, employment will end.

You will not be allowed to have a cell phone with you while working on the clock.

All employees will be expected to adhere to the following Adventureland Park dress code standards:
Hairstyles should be conservative, neat and clean. Men’s hairstyles should not extend over the top of the uniform collar or below mid-ear. Hair fad trends, excessive jewelry in hair, unnatural hair colors do not meet with the Adventureland Park dress code. Adventureland Park management expressly reserves the right to determine whether a hairstyle meets general criteria of conservative acceptability.
Jewelry should be minimal and conservative. Women’s earrings are required to be less than one inch in length and diameter. Pierced jewelry will be allowed only in ear lobes and limited to no more than two pairs. Men are not allowed to wear earrings. Rings may be worn with no more than one per hand. Necklaces should be worn underneath the uniform.
Makeup is only to be worn by female employees. Male employees may not wear makeup.
Men are required to be clean shaven daily. Any type of beard is not permitted. Conservative mustaches and sideburns are allowed.

You will be issued two complete uniforms at no cost to you. These uniforms will be returned prior to receiving your final paycheck. If you want additional uniforms, they can be purchased at the uniform room. Once you purchase the uniform it is yours. We do not repurchase used uniforms.

You will need a pair of low-top athletic style shoes with tied white shoelaces. Shoes should be predominately white. You will also need white socks that are visible when worn.

Job Opportunities

Adventureland season runs from the last weekend in April through the last weekend of September. We have a wide variety of opportunities for you to consider.

Front Gate

Must be able to accomplish a number of different jobs, including ticket selling, ticket taking, creating season passes, providing guests with park information, selling parking tickets and parking lot security. The requirements for a front gate employee are: strong math and computer skills, the ability to multi-task, work quickly and efficiently and not be intimidated by interaction with guests or large crowds.

Foods Department

Duties include taking food orders from guests, filling orders, accomplishing a cash transaction with or without a cash register, and preparation of food items. Lifting requirements include receiving and unpacking inventory and daily lifting of food items. Safety requirements include use of personal protective equipment for chemical hazards, proper safety attire and following all other company safety requirements.

Games Department

Duties include working in one of many games or arcades located throughout the park. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to cash handling, walking, standing, moderate lifting, prize issuance and player encouragement including microphone usage. Basic math skills and an outgoing personality are required. Games are located in both covered and uncovered facilities exposed to various weather elements. Employees should be prepared for a very active working environment with a high volume of guest interaction.

Retail Department

Duties include working in one of many souvenir shops or kiosks in the park. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to using cash registers and credit card machines, stocking stores, light cleaning, moderate lifting, standing and walking. Stores and kiosks include both indoor and outdoor facilities exposed to various weather conditions. Employees should be prepared for a fast paced, high volume and highly active retail environment.

Rides Department

Duties include operating and/or assisting on various amusement park rides. Responsibilities include not only operating rides, but also assisting guests during the loading and unloading process and ensuring guest safety. These positions involve being on your feet for extended periods of time, requires mobility and moderate lifting. You will be exposed to various weather conditions and have constant guest contact.

Live Entertainment

Costume Characters
We will be interviewing for Costume Characters to entertain our guests in Adventureland Park's Bernie Bernard mascot costume and other "street performance" characters during the entire summer operating season.
Sound Technicians
Duties include running of sound mixer board for various shows and maintaining all audio related equipment throughout the complex. Past experience of this nature is preferred.

Security/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Duties include general first aid for park guests and employees, reuniting lost children with their families, and taking care of guest disturbances. There is a tremendous amount of walking in this department. Applicants must have a current "First Aid and Preparedness in the Workplace" and "CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers" certifications.

Lifeguards and Water Staff

Lifeguard Responsibilities include:
  • Ensuring guest safety
  • Maintaining high safety standards
  • Maintain skills at a rescue-ready level at all times
  • Exceptional guest service skills
  • Assisting with tasks such as water safety, tubes, and line control
  • Being audited at any time to establish skill level and attentiveness
  • Having the physical stamina to be able to spend extended periods of time in all weather conditions and
  • temperatures
  • Must be a minimum of 16 years old for this position
  • Must successfully complete a swim test and American Red Cross Lifeguard test taught on site, or hold a current American Red Cross Lifeguard or Shallow Water Attendant Certificate

    Water Staff Responsibilities include:
  • Ensuring guest safety
  • Maintaining high safety standards
  • Exceptional guest service skills
  • Assisting with tasks such as water safety, tube usage, and line control
  • Must have the physical stamina to spend extended periods in all-weather temperatures and conditions.
  • Bank

    Duties include preparing, issuing, and receiving change funds, auditing park receipts and tickets, and operating various coin and currency counting machines. Employees will also assist in other accounting duties. Fundamental accounting basic math skills are required for these positions. Internship opportunities are available.

    Summer Working Conditions

    Most positions require little or no experience. All positions involve being on your feet and remaining active while encountering our guests. Positions are indoors, semi-outdoors or completely outdoors. Most indoor positions are not air conditioned. You must be able to tolerate the heat and humidity of the Iowa summer. No matter what the weather conditions, all positions are vital to developing the fun culture our guests have come to expect here when visiting Adventureland Park.

    Adventureland Summer Seasonal Wages

    Adventureland Team members wages are based on the following scale:

    14 & 15 Years of Age

    16 & 17 Years of Age
    $7.00/hr Rides/Games/Retail/Foods/Front Gate
    $7.25/hr Water Staff
    $8.75/hr Lifeguards

    18+ Years of Age
    $7.25/hr Retail/Games/Front Gate/Bank/Entertainment
    $7.50/hr Rides/Foods
    $7.50/hr Water Staff
    $8.75/hr Lifeguards
    $9.00/hr In Park Security/EMT

    Internship Experience

    Turn your summer job at Adventureland into an Internship experience. Our Bank Department can work with you on the necessary requirements at your school to receive credit for an internship.


    Apply online now. Jobs go quickly at Adventureland. If interested in working at Adventureland this summer, then you should fill out an application as soon as possible!